Our Unique Approach

We defy conventional wisdom when it comes to both our craft and our industry. Its simple: Good business is about people, and as such, OUR business cannot be ALL business! Our families sacrifice much to let us pursue our passion, which takes up nearly every weekend, all summer long. So as to avoid burning out or shortchanging those we love, we take on only a limited number of events each year, and only one any given day. This also ensures we devote sufficient time to each couple to craft an event that's truly unique!

Because we don't approach what we do as a 'big' business, we remain non-competitive. We can't possibly be the ideal fit for every couple, and that's okay! We love what we do, and that's why we cater only to exceptional clients who want nothing less than an exceptional experience!  We choose to invest in couples the same way we want them to invest in US!  So if you find yourself drawn to our approach and share a fondness for high-quality, reach out to us and get ready for a truly refreshing experience!

The Story of Us

Collecting albums from as early as five years old, I've always been drawn to music and how it affects people. So following college and a brief stint in radio, I trained under local entertainment icon Joe Trionfero, took out a loan, and launched my first business as a mobile music provider. Initially catering only to schools and private parties, I honed my skills slowly over the next decade, becoming acquainted with other professionals from the wedding industry who exposed me to the profound importance of planning, public speaking, and set design. And so I studied these carefully and incorporated them gradually into my offerings. Soon, couples requested me not only to host their events, but also do calligraphy for their invitations, a talent I had cultivated over many years, but only as a hobby.

I was growing slowly, as was my business. So I decided to supplement it by working for other, more established providers in the area, most notably, 'At Your Request' and 'Black Tie Entertainment'. Learning much from their owners and the talented employees of these companies, I decided to reexamine the premise of my own business model and decided to change directions: I began to build a network of owner/operators from related fields like video, planning, production and decor, each sharing my vision and circumstances in their own businesses. And so, we set out to evolve together into a single company providing each of our passions under a common banner.

Nearly twenty years into my career, I started again. This time with an all-new, all-encompassing brand, Syracuse Weddings LLC. Devoting our offerings exclusively to high-end events, my seasoned staff and I each specialize in our chosen fields, devoting our particular talents, resources and experience to redefining the expectations of couples, as well as industry professionals. Since 2010, we have grown into one of the most sought after planners and producers of modern weddings throughout the Fingerlakes Region, the Southern Tier, and of course Central, Western and Upstate New York!

Allow me, please, to introduce you to my team, who I am so very grateful for...


Founder, Host & Planner


Paul comes to us from Ithaca-based premier DJ service, Moonwalk Entertainment. Like many mobile music providers, Paul invested many years into his craft. But determined to evolve from his nightclub beginnings, what was once just a passion for music has motivated him to develop his abilities as a solid planner and host.

Having expanded his offerings and embracing our standards, Paul now offers his services as a premier MC and DJ exclusively through Syracuse Weddings! Many have sought to join our ranks over the years, but it is Paul's distinct humility, personality and hunger to learn that made him an ideal choice to become part of our family.

As of March 2017, we are proud to announce Paul as our senior event host and associate planner!
Day-of Coordinator
Associate Event Host
Tech & Camera Crew
Production Crew
Production Crew
Editor & Camera Crew

The Dream Team

The coordination and production staff of Syracuse Weddings is, as cliche as it sounds, family... It takes all of us to make the visions of each couple a reality. Were it not for their efforts, I would have quit years ago, and couples would have relied on family and untrained staff to handle tough situations as well as the unforeseen. But with Kelly at the helm, she takes on the greeting and seating of guests, arranging cues with the wedding party, and coordinating with your venue and vendors to keep everything on schedule.

Owen has been with me since the beginning. An experienced DJ & MC, having trained under the same teacher as I, he discovered the need to adjust his approach in order to accommodate a more refined style of hosting. As MC's, we differ in personality, but not in principle. We work each event together, acting as a redundant force and as a barrier to the unforeseen. And as such, Ryan has become our go-to for everything technical behind the scenes or in front, being part of both our camera crew and production team.

Will and Dustin are the enthusiastic builders of our team. They bring receptions to life, setting everything up in a way that appeals to each guest no matter where they're sitting. They test all equipment to be used, ensuring technical specifications are met and that sound and lighting is optimal, also eliminating any potential threat to safety. Matt has come on board most recently, lending his extraordinary wealth of knowledge to our video department in both directing and editing one-of-a-kind wedding films.

Our Headquarters

When we originally sought space for our studio, we envisioned something centrally located, and easily gotten-to from major highways running through Syracuse, for the convenience of our out-of-the-area clients. We also wanted it to feel, literally, like home --as much to our couples as it is for our staff!

So, we undertook to create a space that would have the ambiance of a living room or lounge, one that echoed the same comfort-factor we aim for at our events. Replete with subtle features, accents, and lighting that makes you want to stay, which is vital for planning --so it all doesn't feel like work!

And that's just what we did with the little boutique just outside of Syracuse that we've affectionately dubbed "The Shoppe"
Call, make an appointment, and stop by and see us when you're in town!  Or, attend one of our monthly open houses and shake hands with our close-knit team of talents, as well as other fellow vendors, like Colleen & Greg from Solas Studios!