Every great wedding is the result of good planning.
And we know how to make each wedding unique
bringing fresh, exciting, ideas to the table!


We offer everything from a personal attendant for the bride and groom to full day-of coordination, a valet
to greet and seat your guests --even child care!


Need assistance with your theme and decor? Speak with our creative team and we'll assist with it all! From research and purchasing to set-up and even clean-up!
​Planning Tip:   Whenever possible, interview each of your prospective wedding vendors face to face. Gauge reactions. Qualify claims. Above all, avoid shopping by price alone... Rather, choose those who best fit your personality.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our planners were immersed in related fields before focusing on weddings. We've been office managers, hospitality staff, and designers! These diverse backgrounds have given us real perspective when it comes to organizing events and overseeing the details of even the most elaborate reception!

We've mapped out hundreds of unique events, each with modern twists and variations on tradition to make each couple's day stand out as truly unique so that it's both fondly remembered and raved about! But how do we do it?

We collaborate with vendors from every field to capitalize on their insights and brainstorm new ways of presenting key elements, delivering results that defy even the newest trends!  By the end of the night, you'll hear guest after guest confess that they've never been to a wedding as fun as yours!

Form Follows Function!

The secret to a great wedding is focusing on the true essentials! People don't enjoy themselves --and likely will not stay long-- if they are not comfortable! So we recommend that you invest primarily in production elements centered around creature comforts (like padded seating, plenty of hors d'oeuvres, and climate-control --with plenty of space and quiet, cozy places to retreat!)

While these may not make the front cover of bridal magazines or get heavily photographed, these concepts can make or break a reception faster than any centerpiece!  ​And the same standards that apply to a priceless vase apply to planning a wedding... If it doesn't hold water, who cares how pretty it is?

So, above all, no matter how it looks, YOUR wedding has to WORK!
​Planning Tip:  Not all vendors are created equal!  Most were self-taught and few train enough (or at all) to ever really improve. So it's prudence on your part to know how to interview well, asking your prospective vendors about both their best and worst performances. Take careful note of how they respond and what they reveal. Are they shocked? Humble? Honest? Defensive?

Total Event Management

  • UNLIMITED 1-on-1 Creative Planning
  • Budget Assessment and Vendor Prospecting
  • Contract Discussion and Hiring Assistance
  • On-Site Walk-Through and Advisement
  • Outlining of All Key Reception Segments
  • Set-up, Staging, Decor and Clean-Up Crews
  • Ceremony Coordination and Day-of Oversight
  • Guest Liaison, Seating Assistance, and Greeter
  • All-Day Personal Valet to the Bride & Groom

In The Words of Our Clients


​"Carl was so professional and attentive from our very first phone call. He clearly knows his craft and how to put brides at ease. His staff are people of many talents, handling all our planning and decor as if they read my mind!!!"


"I was pretty stressed over the whole planning process, but after meeting with Carl, my whole attitude had changed! He made planning fun! He's been in the business a long time, knows what he's doing and brings a great team to keep your day running smoothly!"