We're all about bringing couples the high production value each wedding deserves. We LOVE what we do! You will too!  Just ask our previous clients...


TRAVEL IS INCLUDED to destinations all over Central and Upstate New York.  We offer easy payment plans with one low deposit that covers just about everything!


Enjoy our refreshing open-book approach to business: Crystal-clear, upfront pricing with NO HIDDEN FEES!  You'll never have to ask or wait for a quote!

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DJ & MC for Receptions and Ceremonies
Social Media & Selfie Stations with Party Props
Accent, Impact & Ambient Illumination
Candid Video for Ceremonies & Receptions

Dream Weddings Start Here!

​We believe in a high standard and use only the best technology available to give you the freedom to dream big on your wedding day!  A boutique level of service and an award-show quality production combine for an unforgettable experience!

Uniquely Tailored Events

We place a strong emphasis on proper planning. That's why you'll meet one-on-one with your DJ & MC to develop a timeline to your day that's truly one of a kind!  What results is a wedding that looks, sounds, and feels just right from start to finish!

Elegant Lighting Design

Lighting isn't just about the look! It has the capacity to affect how your day FEELS! And with the ability to change your lighting scheme throughout the evening, we offer a lasting impact that's felt by every guest and remembered in each and every photo!

Original Wedding Films

We work with seasoned camera crews to document your entire day unobtrusively, artistically editing your footage with highlights ready to share in a matter of weeks! ENJOY 0% FINANCING for up to a year when you bundle video, music and hosting!

Our Vows to Each Couple

We bring passion to the table. Not pressure. Interview with us face-to-face with NO obligation, in person at our studio or via Skype!  We'll cover every concern with you, one-on-one from the ground up ...before you ever sign a thing!

Plus, we book only a limited number of events each year, and only one couple each day! We do this for everyone who entrusts us with their day so that each couple can enjoy our exclusive attention and ​priceless peace of mind!

In The Words of Our Clients


​​"Carl was so attentive from our very first phone call. He clearly knows his craft and how to put brides at ease. His staff are people of so many talents, handling everything as if they could read my mind!!!"


​"I was pretty stressed over the whole planning process, but after meeting with Carl, my whole attitude changed! He made planning fun! He's been in the business a long time, knows what he's doing, has a great team, and made my whole day run smooth!"
Photo Credits:  Janelle Rodriguez  (top 3)  ​Solas Studios  (top 1, 2, upper)​  Brandon Vick Weddings  (top 4)  The Story Photography  (last)