It's crucial! So is timing if you want to keep guests up and moving!  Our DJ's play what fits each moment and never resort to filler, cliche songs or canned playlists!


Our hosts are not announcers!  We represent you and your families with warmth and naturalness, making only appropriate and relevant use of the microphone.


We use low-profile wireless systems for unobtrusive sound that's clear -not loud- and heard everywhere... upstairs, outside, across & throughout multiple rooms!

What Sets Us Apart?

Entertainers Who Get It

​​Our hosts are warm, natural and engaging!  ​No auctioneering, sports commentating, or game show antics.  Only clear, welcoming and informative interactions conducted with you and your guests in mind.  Get ready to raise your expectations!

Capable and Discreet

While technology plays an important role, we go to great lengths to keep it carefully concealed in the background and out of your photos. We also never display tacky signs, banners or business cards... You're gonna like what you DON'T see!


We include creative planning as part of our service to develop the look, sound, and feel of each segment! Music that lasts the entire event, travel, coordination, and all the equipment necessary to host your reception are all included at NO extra cost!


For Receptions

Over your planning sessions, we'll learn what we need to tailor a unique experience! Our approach to music is creating a soundtrack to your wedding day... because that's what it truly is!  We cater to conversation early on, transitioning from a smooth mix into one designed to ignite your dance floor and keep it lit as the evening evolves!


For Ceremonies

Your host arrives early, playing appropriate music as your guests arrive! Informative reminders are given to your guests as well as your officiant and other vendors prior to your entrance. Employing reliable wireless microphones and battery-powered sound reinforcement, we ensure your vows are heard clearly --even in an open field! Well-timed cues are made possible by our day-of coordination staff, who can also arrange parking, childcare and even assistance for the elderly or wheelchair-bound.


For Rehearsals

Your host arrives at your ceremony site the night before, leading a comprehensive walk-through of each segment to be held the following day. This also grants him the opportunity to meet and greet your families and guests of honor! Background music, microphones, and a photo slideshow are also provided during your rehearsal dinner!

 A Few Words From Our Clients


"They gave us ideas we wouldn't have thought of in a million years. They knew exactly what to do and when to do it! I cannot imagine our wedding coming together the way it did without them!"


"They read the crowd, got everyone involved and were super receptive. They accommodated all our requests and time and again went out of their way to make our reception special!"
There is no substitute for 1-on-1, face-to-face planning with your host!  Interview us today and see clearly the ease and expertise we bring to the table to ensure the best possible experience for you and your guests!
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Anderton Photography  (upper middle)
The Story Photography  (lower middle)