Preserve the Experience
        ...Cherish the Memory

First, this is NOT your parent's wedding video!

Ours is a real, share-worthy medium that documents your day from the perspective of your GUESTS, so moments can be re-lived in a way that photography alone fails to capture. And with 0% FINANCING, there's no excuse not to preserve your once-in-a-lifetime event!
​FACT:  Video is the least budgeted-for ​aspect to modern weddings. Yet 8 out of 10 couples who decided to pass on it have lamented that they would give anything to go back and make the investment!


When couples think of a wedding video, they often recall what was common decades ago: Cheesy, dated effects replete with slow-motion, and artificially-sentimentalized moments. It's no wonder many choose not to budget for it.

The trend has shifted to receptions that are now more lively and energetic, with a focus on the WHOLE event, and ALL in attendance --not just the bride and groom!

Remarkably Unobtrusive

Couples are often surprised at how we're able to capture the footage we deliver. They barely notice our camera crews once the ceremony starts! We work hard to remain invisible, endeavoring to keep our presence minimal. Such is possible only by working with our planners in advance, so direction is clear when your day arrives.

Ready For Sharing!

You'll receive a 60-second trailer within 2 weeks of your wedding, followed by a collection of footage featuring extended cuts of key segments. Within 6 weeks, you'll receive a 5-10 minute feature of the very best moments from your wedding day set to music and interlaced with dialogue from your vows and speeches. All content is delivered ready to share with friends and family across social media and any device!
DID YOU KNOW?  Video is often glossed over in the budget of many engaged couples. Even when it is sought after, few know what to shop for!  Recording your day requires production ...and a LOT of it. But since our camera crews work WITH our sound and lighting team, much is already built in, which can save you hundreds!

In The Words of Our Clients


"The results were fantastic! The videos had style and weren't the typical video of just the entire wedding. You can definitely tell that Carl and his crew took the time and care to produce a quality video of our day."


"What they put together for us was nothing short of stunning! They knew exactly what to do and when to do it! I simply cannot imagine our wedding day coming together the way it did without them!"

Sample Highlights

Photo credits:
The Story Photography  (banner 1)
Anderton Photography  (banner 3)
Anatoli Photograffi  (banner 5)
Danielle Gerritsen  (photo 3)
Solas Studios  (photo 4)
Bert Pohl  (photo 2)